Branding is an Inside Job

Branding is an Inside Job

The image of a happy customer raving about what we do and how wonderful their experience is Every time they interact with us seems like a dream for some leaders, business owners and CEO’s.

I dream of a day when more CEO’s and business owners are not the only ones who know about the Vision of the organisation. Can you imagine what it would mean to your organisation to have every single team member know where you are going? why you exist? and what is the meaning of the so called ‘core values’?  Can you picture the impact of having that level of awareness?

Now… can you put a number on the impact? the level of efficiency, the productivity and the engagement!
No more clocking out at 4:59pm and no more “it’s not in my job description”  excuses, all with a mission and all together achieving goals.
What if I told you there are ways to get to that dream scenario, what if you only needed a plan, a strategy? and what if you didn’t have to do it all by yourself?

The more I work with my clients, the more I understand in depth the importance of knowing what your purpose is to drive more revenue into the business.

As you know the purpose then you can have a mission, then it allows you and your team to define what are the priorities. Once established it’s a matter of creating the categories of impact and the actions to take every week and then every day to make the Vision a reality.

If what you want is to portrait your brand and your image, the best way is to show the way… your purpose in doing what you do…  People follow ideas, experiences, you want your AVATAR to connect with your Vision and make her part of it… it makes sense right?   I know that you are reading this right now because this resonates with you and your approach.

I’m campaigning to stop the superficial, short term, band aid marketing ideas… the ones that only ‘sell’ for a moment overpromising and under delivering. I am all in for a deeper message, one that has an impact, that actually demonstrates instead of only showing…  any thoughts? share on our Facebook page