The law of the wannapreneur: “I’m coming to get you!”

The law of the wannapreneur: “I’m coming to get you!”

At the beginning of my coaching journey I was in love with the idea of making money doing what I loved. I was also taking just about every client who asked to be ‘coached’ . Little did I know, I was about to be shocked by those clients that seemed eager and didn’t want to work. I learned the hard way…

My coaching has evolved from personal strategy into helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow and scale their businesses in a sustainable way. I often profile my existing clients and also before taking someone on board I generally ask questions and analyse their thinking, their maturity and also their behavioural style. BUT there’s been times when I have missed the mark. This is why I am writing now… to share how to identify ‘wanapreneneurs’ from ‘real Entrepreneurs’

The wannapreneur wants to GET and if they don’t get what they want, then they GET YOU. In contrast the real entrepreneur is mature and knows that is their responsibility to make a system work for them, they recognise the path and they are a delight to work with because they follow the steps without shortcuts and fairly enough they CREATE their own results.

I live in a beautiful part of Sydney next to a tennis club and even though I don’t play, I tend to spend a fair amount of time learning the process on how the kids are coached.

It all starts with an assessment of where they are at in terms of fitness, actual sports/tennis skills and age. Then they are allocated to groups accordingly. Some of them take private lessons and it’s amazing to watch them learning, growing and actually transforming both physically and mentally.

As a coach what you don’t want is to work with a client who DOESN’T want you to do their work. Is like expecting the tennis coach hit the balls and win the championships for you.

What you want and what will bring success to the clients is to actually trust in your character and your system and IMPLEMENT… I love those clients and they not only are a joy to work with but seeing them grow and experience freedom is amazing.

I love working with REAL entrepreneurs because they have something the ‘wantrepreneurs’ don’t have and it is: RESILIENCE. They understand that systems work and they learn to pay the price and learn how to make the systems work for them to then have results… There is not overnight successand what seems to be ‘it’ is just an illusion, it’s the tip of the iceberg. What most entrepreneurs DO: work hard, test, fail, test again, fail maybe, then win, keep working hard, leaning in, giving all not giving up.

Just like those who want to play in Wimbledon… they train and get injured and they keep going and going, training more, pushing their own boundaries. Can you imagine Federer or Nadal expecting their coaches to play for them?

If you are a wannapreneur, that’s ok… just model excellence, ask for help and stop having resistance to what you are guided into, stop the stubbornness that has kept you where you are for so long, learn humility and lean in, there is someone out there that one day will take you up as a client (when you are ready) to help you in your journey of achievement and care about seeing you transforming in the process.

If you are a real entrepreneur, congratulations! your coach has done this many times before and will be there for you to watch your form, to help you see where you are and help you trace a blueprint to where you want to be, is there for your journey of achievement but most of all is there for your journey of transformation. Your coach will push and see how far you want to go, then will give you resources to perform your best and then will push again.

Asking my clients what is the one thing they appreciate the most from our journey together, they almost every time say that it is the gift of: HONEST FEEDBACK. I know from my own journey that this is the key to growth and transformation. Feedback from friends and family will always be bias and we all know that… Having someone emotionally unattached caring enough to give you feedback, showing you the growing zone, that one just right outside of the comfort zone is an absolute GIFT.

If you have ever thought about contributing to the world, to make a difference… It starts with you! the change begins when you learn to Trust yourself and you find like minded people, then after giving up your old beliefs you understand how unique you are and what is that gift (tip: that thing is not something you do, is who you are)…

The journey continues and you accept and embrace systems that allow you to have a mindset of expansion… when you stop ‘worrying’ about you and your own reality and focus on how you can truly change lives THEN you are a real entrepreneur!

Your results will be a reflexion of how many lives you have impacted, and when that happens you will expand exponentially, you will bring meaning to the existence of your business and help others transform.