Start with the reason why you do that/ it/ this…


Adding value and becoming obsessed with your client’s needs, likes, dislikes is the key to ‘great service’

It’s not until you can connect deeply with those who you serve that what you offer is perceived as valuable. When you have the power to transform the way your ‘avatar’ experiences life then you have a great service or product.

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ I have interpreted the 3 key components of a ‘Promise’: what, how and why.

‘what’ includes all the features, specific qualities, the external and internal description of your service or product.

‘how’ is the systems, programs, tools, means to deliver the what.

‘why’ is the reason for all of this to actually happen, it’s the explanation of how to justify the existence of the systems to deliver the products or services.

In marketing {communication of your message} you want to make sure that the message has the ability to solve a problem or many problems that your ‘avatar’ is experiencing.  The way you articulate the message is the key to connect with those who you can serve. Believing that you can honestly offer solutions is what will give you the power to select those who you will help.

There’s no limit to how much you can help, keep going the extra mile, love what you do and as you do be abundant in your offering.

So to get to the why ask yourself… what would my avatar get to experience once he or she solve their problem?  and what would that mean for he or she to experience that?

Once you have these answers switch that over and start with that as an opening statement:

“my clients get to experience {INSERT WHY} and that means that {INSERT MEANING}

then you can mention and briefly explain an awesome system or feature you’ve created/outsourced/discovered for them which has allow them to have that experience

you can then go into the details of what this system or program/product includes {PROBLEMS and ANSWERS}

Recognising and articulating the purpose or why someone would choose your promise becomes the reason for them to join you. The more you care, the more you will recognise that is always about making a difference, adding value, really caring about those who you choose to work with.

Products or services it’s all the same, find meaningful purpouse for them and you would design a pathway for anyone to join you.