Growing up can be painful


‘Growing up can be painful’ … at least is the message in many places… now I wonder why is it I’m noticing it?

The relationship with pain is a crucial piece of awareness that has been transforming my experience of life.

I’ve learned that it is not about not feeling the pain or it being good or bad… it’s about knowing how to handle the instant of pain.

Maturity and development allows us to ‘react’ to an event in a particular way and to make it simple for me:  it’s like having butterflies vs wasps in the stomach – well is where the emotions are felt before they move to your head or your heart so go with it…

Love is when (3)

In one hand the Butterflies: the anticipation, the moment of confusion that leads to something that though uncertain seems exciting.

In the other hand the Wasps: the frustration, a moment of fear and a level of uncertainty that if not well managed could lead to overwhelm and potentially paralysis.

With both there is a moment of pain, the acknowledgement of the existence of that very thing that is stretching us to grow, to expand or to remain in a space of stagnation…  Growing hurts from the biological point and the mental, developmental and emotional space too!

It hurts so we know the time has come, the time to leave the old and become something somehow new, renewed, reshaped… it’s time to surrender and allow the consequences of our thoughts and actions materialise in what we perceive as ‘the outcome’

Determination, awareness and cognitive resonance are cause and effect of the process of navigating the reliant past self through to the rebellious, challenging being all the way through to the results driven, resilient and realised human.

The more we expand, the more we seek to continue with the momentum of realisation, becoming that what we can be as we dare all our own boundaries…