The Key To Abundance

The Universe provides abundantly when you’re in a state of gratefulness — Wayne Dyer

Taking time to bring awareness around all we are and feel grateful is the key to abundance and success. After experiencing really though moments of pain, rejection, separation, and being in a state of fear and anger I learned there is one way to allow the contrast become the cure.

A ritual, a simple practice I encourage in my clients and I invite you to explore is the ‘feeling of gratitude’… and notice I say: FEELING — because is not only writing or saying words…

The path to feeling is the act of experiencing gratitude as you recognise what you become grateful for. Notice what you see, hear, feel and tell yourself.

I feel grateful for my life, for every breath of clean air I take, for the experiences that this condition of being human provides me with every moment. I am profoundly grateful for the abundance of love, for the people around me, for the opportunities presented to grow, to evolve.

I am grateful for every interaction, for the perfection that surrounds me, I see it in everything around me, I am grateful for the enhanced experience of living a conscious life, for the understanding of the power of being built with the same essence as the very origin of all.

For the power of co-creation, for the darkness and the light, for the sunrise and the sunset, the water and the sounds of the noise and the intensity of the silence.

I am grateful for the abundance within me and around me, for the infinity of blessings that get unnoticed because of the torrential amount of sparkling bits all over, all around.

I am grateful for the miracles that occur, for the ones I don’t know yet and for the witnessed ones… I am grateful for the light for the connection between us all and for the power of expansion. I am grateful for feeling, it is a blessing and a gift.

I feel grateful for you!
Yes, you! reading this now.. because you are a sparkle of life, you are an amazing being living this human experience too and now we are connected even deeper in our frequency of gratitude. Life, this one human experience is not a dress rehearsal and is here for us to embrace it! look around you , look inside you , look within you, see the blessings, see the abundance that surround you, hear the sounds, the silence, the tiny whispers of light, feel the air, the cold and the warmth, the single ever so small movements in your body, in your environment, listen to the voice inside you with curiosity, ask yourself how many blessings are you experiencing now?

In a state of gratitude there is no fear, there is no space for anger… gratitude is abundance in practice. The more you consciously experience it with all your senses, the more abundant you become.