Curiosity without Boundaries is Pointless


We leave in a world of under and over discipline. In one hand we create humans behaving emotionally and not dealing well with uncertainty and problem solving (explosion mode). In the other hand we get the humans that over analyze everything and become micromanagers of their own perception of the events and even their emotions…

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Who do you need to be?

Low angle view of cell phone taking photograph of trees in forest

As we all go through the journey of learning how to run businesses and how to succeed it is important to introspect for as long as it’s necessary to find tune between where you are and where you want to be – obviously still need to take action on business while you do that. It’s…

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6 steps to Stop feeling sorry and Choose to be Happy

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One morning I was getting ready to make some videos and in needed to BE in the right state of mind… that’s right TO BE! in a state and it made me think about how can I just choose to BE happy or go and hide under the table and feel sorry and fearful… This…

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The photoshot

feel the fear and do it anyway

I have learned from very experienced and talented professionals the art of directing photo-shots. This is usually with the sole purpose of updating the profile and image of my clients. It has been about five years since I had my last professional photo-shot and today I was brave enough to get my dear photographer and…

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Life is made of moments


“Life is made of moments” and yet the ones that we consciously [or unconsciously] remember are the ones that impact us emotionally in a deep memorable way. I’ve been working on an assessment for my next qualification and it involves an exercise that makes me think every day. The exercise consists on going back in…

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Jump off a Cliff and build your wings on the way down

jump off a cliff

Have you ever experienced physically jumping off a cliff of off anything taller than your dinning table – done that too – ? The more you think about it the less you do it. Many thoughts go through your head and you feel the butterflies in your stomach… What if…  I jump and break my head, arm, leg,…

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Are you new to the online business?


Making the decision to change from traditional business methods to e-business is a big step, but one that can lead to tremendous business growth if handled properly. There are some parts of your business which may continue the same but you will need to get a structure in place to then implement. There are many reasons…

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3 Reasons – Why not to have have a World Class website


Becoming the person who is going to make a difference in the World and running a business can be overwhelming. I have decided to write three main reasons why you should have a world class website. You have a super long to-do-list. And this is the perfect excuse to take some short cuts here and there. You don’t…

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